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Kenpo is tailored to the individual. As Ed Parker always said, "We make the suit to fit you. As a consequence, we can all find our own little niche in the art. Women don't have to be really strong to succeed in kenpo, and men don't need great flexibility. The art is tailored to you."

Kenpo is a techniques based Martial Art built around “what-if” scenarios. It's a scaleable self defense system that intensifies as the situation escalates - so the moves, which range from simple to complex, can be used to peacefully disrupt a situation that's gotten out of hand to brutally and quickly ending an assault. American Kenpo Karate utilizes all of our natural weapons: the hands, kicks, knees, and elbows – making it one of the most effective martial arts because it uses the entire body as a potential weapon to keep you safe. You may never face the real-world situations that American Kenpo Karate self-defense classes teach, but if you do, you'll be glad you know how to handle it.

A martial arts student has choices. If attacked, the student has trained reactions that override the fear. That training becomes imbedded in your muscles; your body moves to defend without thinking. Simply being trained, simply working at your new discipline makes it less likely you will ever have to use your new skills. You will see yourself differently and other people see you differently. .

You become able to defend yourself against stronger opponents as you learn how to use simple principles with every move. You learn to keep yourself safe by using the attack against the attacker.

Ours is a belt system. Anyone willing to dedicate themselves to the work can earn their own Black Belt. Everyone’s path is different. Each path will be deeply challenging, and deeply rewarding. Patient and challenging instructors provide individualized instruction for students of all ages.

Central to our Studio is respect, respect for yourself and for each other. We work together developing our power and our control and that work makes us a community.

Whatever your background, you can succeed in Kenpo Karate. You control the pace of your learning and the level of contact.

Mark Arnott, 5th Degree Black Belt

Mark Arnott is a 5th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo Karate and has been teaching karate in studios, public and private schools in the Pasadena/South Pasadena area and SPEF since 1992.

His ability to apply different teaching methods to reach students with a variety of learning styles made him a highly sought out Kenpo Karate instructor. From Athletic Director at Waverly School to teaching Science and Math, Mark loves teaching and helping his students surpass their own expectations.

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We train together, we have fun together

Central to our classes is respect for each other and the mat. You'll get to meet new people to train with, and share goals with, and make new lifelong friends.

Arnott Kenpo Karate of Pasadena Fitness and Self Defense Studio has won Best Martial Arts Studio in Pasadena in every year it's been open.

The journey to Black Belt is sometimes hard, always worth it, and best yet, you'll always have friends to help you along the way.

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Become an assistant instructor, or trade out a skill and your tuition can be slightly to greatly reduced. See our FAQ (towards the bottom) or ask for details.

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